The full name of our Reenactment Group is European Theatre of Operations Reenactment 40-45, for short ETOR 40-45!

It's a big lump of text but it's the outcome of our application for the Dutch Reenactment Platform, wich is a group that controls and checks whether every reenactment group is acting according to the rules. We call it: Landelijk Platform Levende Geschiedenis for short LPLG, wich means National Platform for Living History.
But the name Reenactmentgroep 40-45 was already filled in by another group, so we quickly had to make up a new one wich became our current name! Meanwhile, our group consists of four individual groups wich operate under our ETOR flag. These will be discussed in other pages on our website.
etor 40 45 web

In the year 2016, we have enriched ourselves with a new logo, to better resemble the units we represent!